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Attract More Customers to Your Auto Dealership with Broadcast Advertising

Bluetooth Creative Group offers auto dealerships a comprehensive range of marketing solutions that includes broadcast advertising. What does that mean? Put simply–it means we do it all! We market your inventory, services, and even your special events using all channels available to us, including broadcast advertising. Yes–SEO and other digital & traditional marketing solutions are all the rage and certainly essential in today’s competitive climate, but we also ensure that traditional advertising bases like radio and TV are covered.

The experienced marketing professionals at Bluetooth Creative Group have years of marketing experience working exclusively with auto dealerships. We know every aspect of the business, and this gives us an edge of marketing agencies that take a generalist view of their offerings. By focusing on the auto industry–dealerships, in particular–we can boast a level of expertise in the marketplace that are competitors can’t. Plus, we’ve got a demonstrable track record of marketing success.

Relying on both traditional marketing solutions like broadcast advertising helps our clients reach all segments of their target audience. We’ll perform an exhaustive analysis of your marketplace to determine what channels we want to employ for broadcast advertising on your behalf. We’ll work with you to develop a campaign that features the types of advertisements geared for lead generation and increased sales of autos and services. Like all of our solutions, our broadcast ads undergo rigorous testing to ensure their hitting the mark.

Although Bluetooth Creative Group is driven by data, we never treat our clients like a number. By combining human experience with data analysis, we’re able to develop winning ad campaigns that achieve great results in both the traditional and digital sectors. If you are looking for broadcast advertising solutions at affordable prices, be sure to contact Bluetooth Creative Group to learn more.


Bluetooth Creative was not as big as some of the large dealership agencies out there. But they were the best choice because they knew our business and showed us where we could really use improvement. It seemed like every other agency was just cookie cutter – one size fits all. Bluetooth assessed what we were doing and created a plan and a strategy that fit our budget and worked for us. 

We started with Bluetooth Creative back in March and have already seen a strong impact on our day to day. They helped us implement a fixed operations rewards program that our existing customers responded well to, and also allowed us to re-engage our lost clients and bring some of them back into our dealership garage again. 

When we started working with Bluetooth Creative Group we knew we would get results. What we didn’t know was that within 6 months we saw a major shift in our web traffic that allowed us to really take advantage of our current prospects and position us to win more vehicle sales. Their processes are straightforward and their methods work. Thank you Bluetooth for all you have helped us with. 


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