Complete Retargeting Systems

Retarget Customers across Multiple Channels to Increase Sales

Bluetooth Creative Group can help our auto dealership customers create comprehensive retargeting programs that work on Google, social media platforms, and more. Retargeting is an essential component for any marketing campaign as it allows businesses to nurture interest. Many potential customers fail to make a purchase after first visiting a business website. That doesn’t mean they’ll never convert to become full-fledged customers. On the contrary, they simply need more engagement.

With retargeting ad campaigns, our digital experts can re-ignite interest for a dealership–its inventory and its services. Where can you reach these customers? We know that it’s possible to connect with them via social media platforms like Facebook and search engines like Google. The more customers see your ads, the more familiar and comfortable they may be with your brand.

Sometimes, the best way to nurture further interest in your dealership is to make an offer that has the power to seal the deal. Auto dealerships can offer special incentives like sales on last year’s vehicles or certain auto models often work to re-engage with customers. The best retargeting campaigns move potential customers down the funnel to that happy day when they make a purchase.

Let Bluetooth Marketing Group Inc. manage your complete retargeting systems so that you can enjoy more cohesive marketing campaigns. We employ powerful analytics and tools to track these campaigns to ensure they’re working as planned. That way, you have the knowledge you need to know that your marketing investment is working for you. If you’re interested in creating a complete retargeting system, contact us to get started.


Bluetooth Creative was not as big as some of the large dealership agencies out there. But they were the best choice because they knew our business and showed us where we could really use improvement. It seemed like every other agency was just cookie cutter – one size fits all. Bluetooth assessed what we were doing and created a plan and a strategy that fit our budget and worked for us. 

We started with Bluetooth Creative back in March and have already seen a strong impact on our day to day. They helped us implement a fixed operations rewards program that our existing customers responded well to, and also allowed us to re-engage our lost clients and bring some of them back into our dealership garage again. 

When we started working with Bluetooth Creative Group we knew we would get results. What we didn’t know was that within 6 months we saw a major shift in our web traffic that allowed us to really take advantage of our current prospects and position us to win more vehicle sales. Their processes are straightforward and their methods work. Thank you Bluetooth for all you have helped us with. 


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